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In and around your home

Aids and adaptations

If you or a member of your household has a disability it may be possible to adapt your home to help you live independently at home for as long as possible. Take a look at our aids and adaptations page for more info.

Cleaning services

We clean some communal areas, such as windows, hallways and communal rooms, as well as some other areas in sheltered or supported housing schemes.

Fire safety

The safety of you and your home is our main priority. It's important you know what to do if a fire starts in your home. Read our fire safety section for more information.

Flats or maisonettes

Noise can be a serious problem, particularly if you live in a flat or maisonette. Please be sensitive to others living nearby and be tolerant of people’s different lifestyles.

Please keep passageways and stairs clean and free from obstruction. Don't leave any belongings in the corridors, staircases, balconies, areas under the stairs or lifts as this is a fire hazard. You must not leave or store any personal mobility vehicles, other vehicles, prams, furniture or other items in a shared area.

Unless we provide a cleaning service, you must keep clean any stairs, doorway, balcony or corridor outside your home.

Don't throw anything from any windows or balconies.

You must get our written permission before laying any laminate or wooden flooring.


If you have a garden, please keep it tidy and in good condition by cutting the lawn, pruning trees and trimming the hedges to a reasonable standard.

If you share a garden, please help us and your neighbours to keep the garden and other shared areas clean and tidy by clearing up after yourself when you use these areas.

Gas safety

The safety of you and your home is our main priority. It's important that gas safety checks are carried out in your home. Read our gas safety page for more information.

Grounds maintenance

We only maintain lawns, hedges, trees and drying areas on communal land owned by us.


We carry out regular estate inspections to make sure your neighbourhood is maintained to a suitable standard.


We have comprehensive insurance to cover the structure of our properties. You are strongly advised to insure the contents of your home.


Loft spaces are not designed for storage purposes. Anything you store in your loft is at your own risk. If we need to get access to your loft for maintenance work you may be asked to remove any items you have stored there.

Pests and vermin

You should contact your local council’s environmental department for advice if you have any problems with pests or vermin.


You need to get permission to keep a pet in your home. Find out more here.


Information about how to report repairs, and who is responsible for repairs, can be found here.


It's your responsibility to dispose of your household rubbish properly. You must either use the communal bins provided or make sure you put your rubbish out on the day of collection. If you have large or bulky items to dispose of, please contact your local council. Please do not allow rubbish to become scattered around or cause a nuisance in any way.

Satellite dishes and television aerials

Most blocks of flats have a communal television aerial, which we're responsible for. We only allow two satellite dishes per block of flats. Permission must be given by us before any aerials or satellite dishes are erected on our property. In some areas you may need planning permission to erect an aerial or satellite dish.