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Mystery shopping

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is very similar to market research.  It goes on in all walks of life.  Think of the many times you have been stopped in the street or phoned up to get an opinion about a service that you receive.

Why do we do it?

This gives you the opportunity to give us feedback on the quality of services that we provide to you, our customers.  We can then focus on what needs to be done to improve the service that we provide.

What services are mystery shopped?

Currently there are 48 residents who carry out mystery shopping ‘missions’ each month.  Our mystery shoppers check service standards, review the Opendoor magazine before it is published and make phone calls and send emails/letters to see if we are working within the customer service standards set.

If you would like more information on mystery shopping, for instance, the type of ‘mission’ the mystery shoppers carry out for Magna or think you would like to become a mystery shopper yourself, please contact Lisa Holmes in the first instance, on 01305 216086 or email Lisa Holmes

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